Olympia Turns

This directory contains individual web-based reports for all players.

If you are a player, you can add your faction code to this URL, and you should get your web-based turn report. You will need to supply your faction code and password to access this!

For example, faction Nephilim [ju0] would go to http://www.shadowlandgames.com/olympia/turns/ju0

The previous turn report is available by adding "/prev.html" to the URL for your current turn. Again, Nephilim [ju0] would go to http://www.shadowlandgames.com/olympia/turns/ju0/prev.html to see theirs.

The 5 most recent turns can be accessed by using the remind order. For turns older than that you should either hope you kept a copy of the one that was mailed to you, or ask the GM nicely to look it up for you!